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From Sixth Form Student to University Student: A Journey Begins

Long time, no speak! I’m back, rejuvenated and relaxed, ready to review once more! The last time I posted, I told you all that I was taking a hiatus in order to sit my exams. Having received the results, I am thrilled to be able to tell you all that I passed, and I am indeed… Continue reading From Sixth Form Student to University Student: A Journey Begins

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My Fiction: A Letter to My Love

An epistolary piece I wrote inspired by my grandparents’ first meeting in our local park (saying this, the names are not those of my family members and the piece is mainly fictional). I loved writing this, as I put a lot of emotion into it. Usual warning – please do not plagiarise this work or… Continue reading My Fiction: A Letter to My Love

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My Fiction: The Final Voyage

A short story of mine, originally posted on this blog last year before being taken down for use in a competition. Please do not plagiarise this work or use it without permission. The steady tap of stiletto heels on wooden floorboards was a sound to which I had become most accustomed. I was awoken each… Continue reading My Fiction: The Final Voyage

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My Hopes For 2016

I hate the term ‘resolutions’. Firstly, I never keep them, and secondly, the word refers by definition to a firm decision of what to do or not do, and when the new year has just begun, I don’t want to be firmly committing to a decision over something, I want to start new with endless opportunities rather… Continue reading My Hopes For 2016

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My Weekend (and Future) Plans

Afternoon, all! (Or morning, if you’re in a different time zone…) Not specifically a book related post here, but I wanted to blog a little bit about myself, vent some emotions, and put some posts in the ‘Personal Zone’ tab I’ve had on this blog for a while now! So, as you may or not… Continue reading My Weekend (and Future) Plans