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Ten Books I Am Excited to Read This Month

I know I’ve just posted a Top 5 Wednesday post, but there is another top 10 I want to talk about today. There are a lot of books I have been desperate to read recently but I didn’t have the time to, and now I do, so I’m having to weigh them all up to decide… Continue reading Ten Books I Am Excited to Read This Month

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My February 2015 TBR

I’m rather late once again, but here’s my TBR list for the month of February! Last month, I pointed out that I rarely ever complete these lists, having read four out of ten on each monthly TBR list I have done. However, I am a lot more optimistic with this month’s list, as it features… Continue reading My February 2015 TBR

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The Best Friend Book Challenge 2015

Hi all! I was watching a YouTube video on Aprilius Maximus’ channel, ‘The April and Britney Challenge’, where April and her best friend Britney (also a BookTuber) challenge each other to read a set amount of books throughout the year which the other person has assigned them. The premise of this is to get your… Continue reading The Best Friend Book Challenge 2015

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The 105 Challenge for 2015

I thought I had all of my reading challenges for 2015 planned out, that is until I stumbled across a challenge that both Tower of Tomes and Otakutwins are intending on doing next year (originated by ReadWriteLove28) – The 105 Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to read 12 of 1 kind of book… Continue reading The 105 Challenge for 2015

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My Christmas Book Haul

Hi all! I wanted to use today as an opportunity to share with you the books I received as a Christmas present from my family, and which I will be reading and reviewing at some point in the future (or have already reviewed…). The majority of my Christmas presents were books (unsurprisingly!). This is the… Continue reading My Christmas Book Haul

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My CramAThon TBR

I have never taken part in a readathon before, and I stumbled across WhittyNovels‘ CramAThon readathon on YouTube (check out her video here!). This readathon was created as a mad sprint to complete Goodreads reading challenges or get books completed before the end of the year, therefore the ultimate goal is to read as many… Continue reading My CramAThon TBR