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Book Talk: ‘Last Chance to See…’ by Douglas Adams with Mark Carwardine

A (Good)Year in the Life

In “The Hitchhiker’s Trilogy” and the bestselling “Dirk Gently” novels, Douglas Adams has taken his millions of fans on wild excursions through time and space. Last Chance to See continues the trip–but this time the place is Earth, the date is today, and every word is true. By turns a poignant and hilarious look at exotic, endangered creatures around the world. 



If you tell someone you’re reading a Douglas Adams book, they’re most likely to assume you’re immersing yourself in tales of bizarre, unfathomable creatures from worlds far, far away, in the form of science fiction. This is instead a book full of almost-unfathomable creatures that seem to be from worlds far, far away, but actually inhabit our own planet. Or, in the case of some, did inhabit our own planet.  Last Chance to See…  was published in 1990 as an accompanying book to the 1989 BBC radio documentary…

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