The Journey Continues…

Long time, no see!

If anyone is still out there reading this, then you’ve probably noticed that I essentially abandoned this blog almost three years ago. I’d like to say once and for all that emdoesbookreviews is no more. The main reason for this being that in the past few years, I have grown massively as a person. I still read and write every once in a while, however the kinds of things I consume and produce no longer fit the vibe of this blog. Reviewing predominantly young adult literature just is not in line with the person I have become.

However, the past couple of months have sparked me to rediscover my love of blogging. Be it book and film reviews like I did here, or more articles, opinion pieces, creative work or advice pieces, I am yearning to post for the first time in years. If you would like to follow me on my new journey, you can find me at A (Good)Year in the Life. I’d love to see you there. However, if not, then I would just like to say thank you. Thanks to each and every person who read this blog in its three-year active existence, and in the three years since. To everyone who commented, liked, tagged and inspired me. You made little me very happy. It was a pleasure to write for you.

I hope to see you all soon over at my new internet home. But if not, then goodbye. It’s been a pleasure.

Emma (@emdoesbookreviews)

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