This or That?

This or That? #29

Hi all! Normally I do this one on a Monday, just after Rae from The Bookmark Chronicles (follow the link if you aren’t familiar with This or That already!) posts this week’s topic, but as yesterday turned out to be the epitome of stress, and it completely slipped my mind. Without further ado, this week’s topic is…

#29 – Do you prefer to read short (<300 pages) or long (>300 pages) novels?

My general answer (without having to pick either) is that it depends on my mood. Right now, I’m looking to read shorter novels as I am very stressed, and my time and attention are limited. When I have more time and less stress, longer novels appeal to me more as I can truly savour the extra detail and plot.

Being forced to choose, I would say longer novels. While sometimes short and sweet books would not benefit being extended to include more information than is necessary, and sometimes longer books suffer from having too many unnecessary extensions when it could logically have been shorter, I tend to enjoy longer, more plot-rich novels, and quite a lot of my favourite books are much longer than 300 pages. Saying that, this was a tough call!

Verdict – Generally, I prefer longer novels.

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5 thoughts on “This or That? #29

  1. I absolutely love long books! They’re hard to read when I’m stressed with work and have a packed schedule, but I feel like they’re the most worthwhile because they tend to have more world building and character development (although there are some short books that achieve those really well too).

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