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The Encouraging Thunder Award

As you know, I love blog awards, and this is a very quick one that I was nominated for by The Orang-utan Librarian. Many thanks! The reason I love this one is that it encourages you to discuss why you began blogging, which is something I enjoy reading others discuss, yet have not mentioned myself (I think!).

The Rules

Thank the person who nominated you – Thanks again to The Orang-utan Librarian!
Post the Encouraging Thunder logo.
Tell us your purpose in blogging.
Nominate others for the award.


Why I Blog

I began emdoesbookreviews as it was a long summer, and I had just been in hospital. I’d had an operation which meant I could not walk for about 4-6 weeks. As a consequence, I had done a lot of reading. I had gotten back into reading a lot only a few months earlier after a couple of years of barely reading, and I had created a Goodreads account at the same time, so I was aware of more books that I wanted to read than ever. I have always loved writing, both fiction and journalistic, so I decided that writing book reviews would be a good way of both reading and writing more. I also tend to have very strong opinions on books; I look into them very deeply and always have a lot of arguments to make. When I had such thoughts on the ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Mortal Instruments’/’Infernal Devices’ series, I could discuss them very analytically with my best friend, who thinks about books similarly to I. However when I wanted to discuss some John Green novels and ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell, I could not talk to her, because she had not read them. This got me thinking: if I get my feelings on books out there on the web, I might find others who feel the same – or have interesting opposing views – who I can chat to. Since I started blogging in July 2014, it has become not just a way of expressing my views or encouraging me to think deeper while reading. It has become a source of entertainment, a way to do and share what I love, and a way to meet so many new, fascinating and brilliant people. Blogging became the perfect platform upon which I could share my feelings and enthuse with others, and my blog is now a very important extension of my book-related thoughts.

I Nominate…

Anyone who reads this! I want to know your purpose for blogging! In particular, I nominate Mallory, Cinderzenablogs and Raquel.

Follow me on Twitter @emmathereader, Tumblr (www.snapeisourprince.tumblr.com), Facebook (www.facebook.com/emdoesbookreviews) and Goodreads (www.goodreads.com/snapeisourprince).


17 thoughts on “The Encouraging Thunder Award

  1. You’ve been blogging since 2014? That is amazing! I think this is the 3rd blog I’ve started, but the first one where I’ve actively posted. Like you, I hope having this blog encourages me to think a little deeper when reading. Also, I hope it helps me learn how to express myself better.
    Thank you for nominating me!

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    1. I have – it doesn’t seem like it! Time flies. My reviews were rubbish back then: I’m older and wiser now 😉
      You’re welcome! I think the brilliance of a book blog is that you begin to train yourself to read with the view ‘what would I say if I review this’ and you look out for stuff you otherwise would have missed.

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    1. Very true! I can talk to my best friend for days about books but we have both read different things, my other closest friend is a massive Lord of the Rings/ Game of Thrones fan, and I have one friend who likes The Mortal Instruments, but beyond that I don’t have anyone to talk about books to. I talk at my dad about them sometimes but he just nods and zones out a bit!

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