This or That?

This or That? #28

It’s Monday, which means it is time for ‘This or That?’ hosted, as usual, by Rae at The Bookmark Chronicles. Follow the link to check out Rae’s blog, and maybe get involved in the discussion!

This week’s topic is…

#28 – Would you rather write a stand-alone novel that becomes a movie, or a series that becomes a TV show?

This is a very difficult one! If you were asking ‘would I rather watch a movie or a TV show?’ then I would probably say movie every time. Even though there is a constraint to how much content can be put into a movie, I prefer watching films, as in most TV show cases, I either get impatient waiting for each new episode, or I do not have the patience to watch every episode. I simply do not watch as much TV (of the fictional kind) as I do films (saying that, I don’t actually watch much of either!). I have actually  watched more TV shows recently, what with ‘Shadowhunters’, which I prefer to its movie adaptation, and I have recently been getting more into ‘Game of Thrones’ as well. Still, some of my favourite adaptations of books are movies, such as ‘The Hunger Games’‘Love, Rosie’ and ‘The Lovely Bones’.

I think fundamentally when it comes to adaptations, I prefer to see rom-coms, contemporary books and thrillers (the kinds of books which are often stand-alones) adapted as movies, and fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal books, which are often series, as TV shows. Because of this, the question boils down to ‘would I rather write a stand-alone or a series?’ which is very easy to answer: I would rather write a series, as I would rather write a fantasy or paranormal story. While I do enjoy writing detective fiction and psychological thrillers, which lend more to stand alones and therefore movies, my heart lies in fantasy series, which I much prefer to see on the small screen than the big one, due to the ability to put more content into the adaptation.

Verdict: I would rather write a series that becomes a TV show.

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9 thoughts on “This or That? #28

  1. This is a hard one! I mean either would be lovely. Hmm I’d like to write both, but since I’ve only worked on series, then I’d have to say a TV show. (But that won’t stop me writing standalones in the future- even if they never turn into films :p )

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