Sunday 14th February – Weekly Update

Ah, another Valentine’s Day has arrived, and I am – as usual – going to spend it curled up in bed, reading. Ah well. Much less stressful!

This week, I have miraculously posted something every single day. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. Long may it continue! Among many discussions, book awards and tags, I have posted two book reviews this week: ‘A Tale of Mist and Shadow’ by M.R. Laver, and ‘The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories‘ by Marina Keegan, as well as a film review of ‘The Martian’. If you haven’t checked them out already, follow the links!

This upcoming week, I am on a break, so I am anticipating a lot of reading! I am nearly done with ‘Pure Dead Magic’ by Deb Gliori, a children’s book I accidentally ended up with after an Amazon mis-delivery and decided to venture into anyway! After reminiscing over childhood favourites, I’m intending to do a little bite-sized summary of this one. After that, I’m not sure where I’m venturing, but ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes, ‘Carry On’ by Rainbow Rowell, ‘Endless Knight’ by Kresley Cole, and the two Agatha Christies I am halfway through, ‘And Then There Were None’ and ‘The Secret Adversary’, are probably going to be my next reads (unless I pick something up on impulse! – any recommendations?)

Something exciting that happened last week is that I reached a record number of daily views on Tuesday, and then exceeded it even further on Wednesday! And when I say increased, I mean increased by nearly 100 in the space of two days! Saturday’s views were also higher than the record before this week. This month, my following has expanded so much, and I am so grateful to each and every person who follows this blog, reads, likes and comments on my posts, and actually shows an interest in what I have to say! For a small blog like mine, every single view, like, follow and comment means so much to me. Massive thanks! I’m on a roll, and I’d love it to continue.

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