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The ‘Inside Out’ Book Tag

It’s been far too long since I did a tag post, given how much I love writing them! It was only when I read Rose Read’s ‘Inside Out’ book tag that I realised how much I missed a good book tag, and despite never having watched ‘Inside Out’ (I must do so soon) the characters and premise of that movie seem so charming that I felt drawn to this tag. As per usual with book tags, I’m VERY late to the party and have not been tagged, nor am I going to tag anyone; I do these as and when I feel like it, you all know that by now!

Joy: Which book brings you the most joy?

JOY_Render.pngThe Hobbit - JRR Tolkien

*Scrolls through favourites list and realise that most of them, whilst bringing me joy, are also terribly sad.* Refraining from saying ‘Harry Potter,’ I would have to choose J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit.’ This book is an absolute delight in my opinion. Despite the moments where you want to bite your fingernails due to tension or feel like you could shed a tear or two, this book brought me so much joy along the way.

Disgust: Which book grossed you out the most?


I wouldn’t say it grossed me out, but this book certainly disgusted me. The amount of illegal/inappropriate topics it raised to a young teenage target audience (glamorising underage sex, joyriding and smoking among other things) frankly horrified me. Read my full review here for more on my disgust for this novel.

Fear: Which book scared you more than anything?

FEAR_Fullbody_Render.pngThe Woman in Black - Susan HillSay her name

I have two for this category – the book that scared me the most, and the concept that scared me the most. Now, it wasn’t exactly that ‘The Woman in Black’ scared me more than any other book – in fact, I quite enjoyed it. What scared me more than anything was the memories to years earlier when I watched the film. I find the Daniel Radcliffe movie version way more terrifying than anything else I have ever watched, and the book only ended up evoking memories of that. The book that scared me more than any other was ‘Say Her Name’ by James Dawson. That novel truly freaked me out, and made me temporarily terrified to look in a mirror!

Sadness: Which book made you cry the hardest?


‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ is by no means the saddest book I’ve ever read – in fact, in comparison to some it is hardly seen to be sad at all. However, this book will forever be the book that emotionally impacted me the most. It deals with some topics incredibly close to home for me in such a beautiful manner, and very few books have touched me the way this one did. I blubbed while reading it, then went to go see it in the West End and cried even harder.

Anger: Which book pissed you off the most?


The sexism, misogyny and loathsomeness of James Bond never fails to make me angry. I will forever hold a grudge against those books and those films, and the fact that they are so popular and that more and more of the films continue to get churned out only succeeds in angering me a little more.

There we have it: the books that, when personified, become Joy, Disgust, Sadness, Anger and Fear. These books represent my reading history in the form of an emotional rollercoaster, but then again that is part of the fun of reading, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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