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Infinity Dreams Award

Michelle from Book Adventures has nominated me to do the Infinity Dreams Award (thanks very much Michelle!); this is the second blog award I’ve been nominated for this past fortnight. As both this and my recent Dragon’s Loyalty Blog Award post require telling facts about yourself, I’m not going to think up another 11 facts. However, what makes the Infinity Dreams Award fab is that the person who nominated you sets you some questions to answer. Michelle has set 11 questions which I’m going to answer now.

Infinity Dreams Award

The Rules

Thank the blog that nominated you ~ Thanks again Michelle! Check her post out here!

Tell us 11 facts about yourself

Answer the questions that were set for you to answer

Nominate bloggers and set 11 questions for them

1. Favourite Sweet and Savoury Foods

My favourite sweet food is probably a blueberry muffin or pancakes (crepes for you Americans.) It’s a hard call though, as I have a massive sweet tooth! For savoury, I’d probably choose fried halloumi cheese with potato salad – a meal I have perfected making.

2. Favourite TV Series


‘Would I Lie to You?’ is my favourite TV programme, although I am also a big fan of ‘Mock the Week’ and ‘QI’. If we are talking more fictional drama-sitcom-crime kind of thing, I have always loved ‘The Vicar of Dibley,’ ‘My Family’ and ‘dinnerladies,’ and I have a soft spot for the latest series of ‘Death in Paradise’ and any Agatha Christie TV adaptation, especially Poirot with David Suchet.

3. The Most Fascinating Thing You’ve Encountered This Week

This is difficult! I can’t remember the last thing that fascinated me! I’m going to say something to do with the research I’ve been doing into First World War poetry for my coursework, although exactly what I cannot truthfully say.

4. First Book That Made You Fall in Love With Reading


Enough said, I feel. It will be so many people’s answer to this question.

5. Do You Like Going to the Library?

I like going to the library, but the one around the corner from me that I went to as a kid shut down over ten years ago now, and the nearest one is in the city centre, which is a huge inconvenience, so I do not go much.

6. Who Was Your First Book Crush?

I think we are back to the ‘Harry Potter’ series here. I’m 99% certain my first book crush was probably Ron Weasley.

7. If You Could Go Back in Time and Change One Thing, What Would It Be?

I’d go back to before I submitted my university application and switch one choice for another.

8. Where Would You Like to Live?

If fictional locations are allowed, then obviously Hogwarts/Hogsmeade when I get so old they decide to forcibly remove me. If not, then probably central London. I’ve always adored London, and it holds a special place in my heart.

9. Describe the Weirdest Dream You Remember Having

I remember a really bizarre one from when I was about eight, where my friend and I were performing in a dance show, then we shrank and became the size of the ballerina in my music box, before being trodden on and killed by her younger brother. That was mildly traumatic.

10. One False Thing You Believed as a Child

I’m not sure! Either I was a sensible child or I have managed to push all embarrassing memories and thoughts out of my head!

11. What’s Your Favourite Quote?

“A man is like a novel: until the very last page you don’t know how it will end. Otherwise it wouldn’t be worth reading.” ~ ‘We’, Yevgeny Zamyatin


My Questions

  1. If you could choose to forget having read one book that you have read, and could not re-read it afterwards, which book would you choose to forget?
  2. If you could travel to any foreign country you have never been to before, which would you choose?
  3. When and why did you begin blogging?
  4. If you could learn one language fluently, which would you learn?
  5. Do you write fiction yourself, and do you prefer writing poetry, play or prose?
  6. What was your best subject at school?
  7. What is your most prized possession?
  8. What’s your favourite genre of book?
  9. Do you prefer watching films in the cinema or at home on DVD/online?
  10. What is your biggest regret?
  11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

My Nominees

Clemence from Words&Dreams

Eliza from The Bookish Universe

Jess from Those Reviews Though

Carolyn from A Hundred Thousand Stories

Justine from Bookwormaniac

Imogene from Amidst the Pages

Have a good evening, all!

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