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My Weekend (and Future) Plans

Afternoon, all! (Or morning, if you’re in a different time zone…)

Not specifically a book related post here, but I wanted to blog a little bit about myself, vent some emotions, and put some posts in the ‘Personal Zone’ tab I’ve had on this blog for a while now!

So, as you may or not know about me, I am in my penultimate year at school (Year 12 or lower sixth form if you will), and I am in the process of thinking about what I want to do after my A-Levels. I mention this as I am heading to the University of East Anglia tomorrow and Saturday to start off a chain of university open day visits. I’m not going to lie; I am simultaneously excited and terrified. Excited, because I cannot wait to explore the possibilities and think about the opportunities available to me. Terrified, because I feel like I’m not quite ready, or that I’ve screwed up (or will screw up) an exam and that I won’t actually be able to get to where I want to go. Nonetheless, the time has come for me to start getting my university application plans together, and where better to start than seeing what is on offer?

You can probably guess that I want to study English Literature at university, I’m not really sure about anything else at this stage; I’ve been to one university for a taster lecture, but apart from that, I’ve not visited any yet. I have booked to see seven of them over the next five months, though – I have a couple of places in mind that intrigue me, but beyond that, I’m not at all sure which five will be on my final UCAS application.

For me, tomorrow signifies the beginning of my university application process, so there’s a lot of things churning around my mind right now. For starters, I am rueing the fact that I need to be at the university at 9:30am, so am catching the train at 5am. 5am! I’m never awake before 7! Also, I am a nervous, introverted person who is not fond of social situations with strangers, which this will undeniably end up being. To top it all off, I am currently frantically reading every email in my inbox because I can’t find a mention of which building I am meant to be in, and am an inch away from a complete nervous breakdown. All that aside, I’m kind of looking forward to it.

That’s all for now; I just wanted to vent my feelings, and you are the perfect audience for that! Hope you’re all having a fab week!


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5 thoughts on “My Weekend (and Future) Plans

  1. Ooh I understand you! I’m actually stupidly busy right now (AS exams have finished but shows and urgh) so I can’t visit any universities until the September round but I have at least 4 or 5 already planned taking me all over the country (seriously, Royal Conservertoire of Scotland and Bath Spa… :P), I just need to book them, which I’m getting to. Haha, good luck – I hope it all goes well! 😛

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    1. Amen to AS exams having finished! I’m seeing more than half of the ones I’m visiting in the September/October round. I’m going to Swansea in Wales, but no Scottish ones! And good luck to you too! 🙂

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  2. Good luck! Even though it’s hard, I’ve found that college is a really good place to start stepping out of your comfort zone a bit. You can make new friends and kind of turn yourself into the person you always wanted to be in high school, but couldn’t because everyone had already known you for ten years. It’s definitely an exciting time 🙂

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