Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday – Top Books I Have Read So Far in 2015

Happy Wednesday all!

So, I finished with exams yesterday, so I am taking advantage of my free time by reading loads of books and writing loads of posts, to make up for my pitiful May tally of 5 books and 2 novellas read. So here I am with another Top 5 Wednesday, and this topic excites me a lot. I loved posting my Top 14 of 2014 back in December, and I’m excited to give you an insight into what might be making the list this year. Saying that, I have read less in this half of the year than I think I will in the next half, so anything could change! I haven’t read as many really fantastic books so far this year as I did last year, but here’s hoping that’ll change soon!

5. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen


The first of two (and a half) classics on this list – testament to how my taste has changed a bit this year! This was one of my exam texts for this year, and I was dreading reading it – romance, eurgh! I started it back in August and kept putting off reading it, as I really couldn’t get into it. But since finally reading it properly back in February (out of necessity to pass more than anything) I developed a love for this book that I was completely blind to before. Now, against all odds, it is definitely a favourite.

4. ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell


I hadn’t completed a George Orwell book before this one (I’d started ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ years ago and not finished it), but I’m glad ‘Animal Farm’ was my first proper experience of George Orwell’s work. I think it is a truly wonderful, shocking and thoughtful work, that I think everyone has to read once in their lifetime.

3. ‘Stolen Songbird’ by Danielle L. Jensen

'Stolen Songbird' by Danielle L. Jensen

This one was a bit of a surprise to me; whilst I thought it would be good, I was not expecting to fall in love with it! It had great characters, the plot went darker than I was expecting it to, and I’m desperate to read more! I did a bite-size review of this one, which you can find here.

2. ‘The Collected Works of A.J. Fikry’ by Gabrielle Zevin


I had heard so much love for this book, which made me very sceptical. However, I had no need to be! A beautiful story about the life of a widowed bookshop owner, I flew through this, laughed, cried and most of all was thoroughly captivated for those few hours I was reading it. I thoroughly recommend this book.

1. ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ by Agatha Christie


I adore Agatha Christie books (especially Poirot ones), but even though this is her most well-known and generally best-loved Poirot, and I have owned it for about three years, I had never read it, although of course I did know the story. Knowing the outcome certainly didn’t damage my enjoyment, however; I was completely in love with this book from start to finish. If anyone hasn’t read an Agatha Christie book, I would recommend this one as their first. It has even overtaken ‘Curtain’ as my favourite Christie, which is saying something as that book has been a favourite book of mine for years. While I don’t suppose it’s a classic, I count this book as one in my mind.

That’s it, the five books currently leading the race to finish in my top 15 of 2015! I’d wholeheartedly recommend each and every one of them! I can’t wait to see what else I read ends up on my final list in December, and to see if these five are still on there! Only time will tell.

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