Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday – Top Books You’d Save in a Fire

This is the cruellest Top 5 Wednesday I’ve done! Having to only choose 5 of my collection that I’d save in a fire?!? I love collecting books as well as reading them, and I am very attached to many of the copies on my shelf, so this one is awful for me! I am cheating slightly and grouping series together so as to give me more choices! Most of these are due to either the sentimentality, the cost or the edition, as for the majority of my collection (as much as it pains me to say it) if they were destroyed, it would be possible to find the same book for a good price as a replacement. These five, however, are slightly harder to replace.

5. ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’ Box Set

This one would be totally implausible to save in a fire, given that it weighs so much, but it is in fact my dad’s collection, that he gave to me ‘to borrow’ (it is in my care indefinitely), and I would hate for it to be destroyed.

4. ‘Shadow and Bone’ by Leigh Bardugo


It’s signed. I had no idea my copy was signed until many months after I’d bought it (the ‘signed’ sticker had fallen off in the shop), and while signed copies aren’t really too much of a big deal to me, this book turned out to be a favourite, so I would quite like to hang on to this edition.

3. ‘Dreamdark: Blackbringer’ and ‘Dreamdark: Silksinger’ by Laini Taylor


These books proved to be an absolute nightmare to get a hold of – I spent quite a long time searching for the second one, and spent a bit more than I was intentionally planning in order to get it shipped. These faerie books are fantastic, and I am very attached to my copies.

2. My J.R.R. Tolkien Collection

Comprised of a bind-up of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, two copies of ‘The Hobbit’, a matching edition of ‘The Silmarillion’, and ‘The Hobbit Graphic Novel’, I am very fond of this little collection, especially the covers of ‘The Silmarillion’ and my second edition of ‘The Hobbit’. Yes, they are easy enough to replace, but I am attached to these copies, and would hate to lose them.

1. My ‘Harry Potter’ Collection


You all know that this series formed a decent chunk of my childhood, and the first books I would attempt to save in a fire are these… yes, all of them. I have five of the seven books in the copies I read as a child, which would be my initial save, followed by the nicer Signature Box Set and the ‘Hogwarts Library’. The originals come first, though, for pure sentimentality.

That’s my 5 (more like twenty, I know) choices for salvation in a fire. In reality, if there was a fire, I’d be far too busy crying and panicking to cart these out of the property, but hopefully that’ll never happen!

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