Sunday 1st March – Weekly Fail-of-an-Update

Hey guys!

I hate to say it after not posting for a week, but there’s not much to this post… as I’ve finished one book since last time! I know, shocking. I have been reading, but little snippets from different books, and I haven’t completed them!

The one book I did finish was ‘I Was Here’ by Gayle Forman. I was a little disappointed by this one, and gave it 3.5 stars – not as amazing as I was anticipating! I have started its review, so keep your eyes peeled! I also still have reviews for ‘The Selection’ series by Kiera Cass, ‘Shadow and Bone’ by Leigh Bardugo and ‘Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy’ by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan in the pipeline, so hopefully I will actually get to them soon!

I am planning to do my monthly wrap up and TBR soon, but my TBR will not be anything special – for the third month running, I have read 4 of the 10… this is too much of a pattern now! So, I am not choosing ten new books, but compiling ten books that I am midway through, to make this the month of ‘currently reading’ reduction. Three books I have to complete, however, are ‘Finnikin of the Rock’ by Melina Marchetta, ‘The Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss (which I am slightly in love with already) and ‘Let the Sky Fall’ by Shannon Messenger, all for the Quarterly Book Club. Beyond that, you’ll recognise my other picks as previous TBR fails.

That’s all for now. Have a good week!

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