Saturday 21st February – Weekly Update

Hi all! Hope you’ve all had a great week.

I’ve been spending my week off sleeping, rather than reading. Saying that, I have actually completed a good few books since last Monday, when I posted my last update. On Monday, I completed my first book of my ‘Emma and Georgie Challenge 2015’, and that was Kiera Cass’s ‘The Selection’. In actual fact, I marathon-ed the whole trilogy this week (I know she is writing another book, but I count it as an extension and not part of the original series itself). I thought that ‘The Selection’, despite a few major qualms (cough *America* cough) was a nice light read, and gave it 4.25 stars. Disappointingly, however, ‘The Elite’ and ‘The One’ lost .5 of a star per book, giving them ratings of 3.75 and 3.25 respectively. I am planning on doing a whole-series wrap-up rather than talking about them individually, so keep an eye out for that!

Aside from that series marathon, I also read ‘The Son of Neptune’, the second book in the ‘Heroes of Olympus’ series by Rick Riordan. Of course I loved it, and I have already posted a bite-size review for it (here). My final rating was slightly lower than its predecessor at 4.5 stars, but it was great nonetheless. My final read of the week was a new e-novella (if you know me well, you can guess what it was). Yes, it was ‘Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy’ by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan, the first of Clare’s short stories for her new short story collection. I loved returning to the ‘Mortal Instruments’ characters, and gave the novella 4.25 stars. I may do a bite-size review for this one.

I’m not going to set myself a specific target of books to read for this week, apart from removing a few books from my ‘currently-reading’ and ‘on-hold’ piles. I do, however, want to read another book from my monthly TBR as I am currently on… you’ve guessed it… four again. I have a couple of reviews to complete this week, and so keep an eye out for them. Have a good week, all!

Emma 🙂

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