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Valentine’s Day: Romantic or Commercial?

Hi all! This is the first time I’ve done a non book related post on this blog, but with the addition of my ‘Personal Zone’, I’m going to take the opportunity that the date presents and write a short post about something on my mind: Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is held in high regard by many, and lots of people adore buying and receiving chocolates, flowers and various heart-shaped items from their partners. Some Valentine’s ideas can be incredibly cute, and I do have to admit that I have said in the past that I would love to receive a card on Valentine’s Day. However, I do have my grudges when it comes to this holiday.

Firstly, it exists purely for the benefit of the commercial sector. The date began as a Christian celebration, but it is sustained only on the premises that it rakes in the money of the consumers in huge quantities. Therefore, I feel a little bit as though there isn’t a point to it. Furthermore, do we really need the excuse of Valentine’s Day to buy gifts and tell our partners that we love them? Of course, I’m assuming that people do as such as it pleases them, not as a day dictates, so why do we need a specific day on which we need to declare our love for our other halves? It just doesn’t seem that romantic to tell someone that you love them as the day says that you should. I don’t know, maybe if I’d ever been in a relationship I would appreciate the event past the commercialism, but I haven’t, and so I don’t.

It’s not that I hold a grudge against the day overall, or against people marking it as a special occasion, but to me, it is merely a commercial money-making festival. Not saying that I wouldn’t love a card from an admirer though…

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: Romantic or Commercial?

  1. I agree! Even having a boyfriend for the holiday doesn’t make me feel like it should be different from any other day. People shouldn’t need a reason to express their feelings for their significant others. So it goes!

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