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I Really Need to Be Stopped From Entering Charity Shops

I really need to be stopped from entering charity shops. Yes, I know this sounds silly, but I really do. Every time I enter one, I end up leaving with a bag full of books. My TBR pile already reaches the moon, yet if I see a bargain, I am always one to take up on it. I went to town today to apply for a library card and popped into the Oxfam shop on the way to the bus stop (actually I tell a lie… I went specifically to the shop, it isn’t even in the same direction as the bus stop). I picked up four books… four. I was only browsing at first! This particular charity shop, whilst expensive for a charity shop at between 99p and £4 for an average book (it seems cheap but it’s steep for a charity shop) has the best selection of secondhand books in the area, and I just couldn’t help myself. I came out with the following:



I’d like to pretend that I can justify spending another £6 on books when I have a never-ending TBR, but I can’t. I made the excuse that I needed a Cecelia Ahern book to complete one of my 105 Challenge goals, and that I may as well get ‘Storm Front’ as I have another ‘Dresden Files’ book but not the first, but really, I need to be stopped. This could be difficult, as I work in a charity shop, and therefore spend far too much time around 50p books than is good for me.

Basically, the admittance of this pretty meaningless post is that I buy too many cheap secondhand books for my own good.

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