Saturday 31st January – Weekly Update

Hi everyone!

I have posted this week! I know, miracle! I think I’m finally getting back into the flow of posting regularly! I have been slowly churning out the reviews for the books which I finished before this week: the ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ series wrap-up I have been promising, as well as full reviews of ‘Forsaken’ by Jana Oliver and ‘The Lost Hero’ by Rick Riordan, are now posted, as well as a little discussion as to why I have such trouble with my TBR lists. I have two more reviews in the pipeline, and of course my monthly wrap-up and my February TBR, so there is a plan!

I have finished two books this week, which is pretty poor going, but I’ve been very ill and had exams, so reading was not top of my priorities. I have finished ‘Uglies’ by Scott Westerfeld, which was a bit of a disappointment to me, and I scored 2.5 stars. Luckily I picked things up with ‘Silksinger’ by Laini Taylor, which I loved as much as its predecessor, and scored 4.5. I am definitely going to review ‘Uglies’, and won’t rule out reviewing ‘Silksinger’, but I do not have too much to say on it, so I might just compact my thoughts into my monthly wrap-up. I may still get another book read before the end of the month; I am currently reading ‘How I Live Now’ by Meg Rosoff, ‘Falling Kingdoms’ by Morgan Rhodes and ‘The Bone Clocks’ by David Mitchell, and this selection is currently getting rather mixed reviews (not saying which are good and which is bad). ‘How I Live Now’ is very small, and I expect to have it finished today.

I missed last week’s Top 5 Wednesday, Anti-Heroes, but I’ll be back posting Top 5’s on Wednesday.

That’s all for now. Expect my wrap-up and TBR tomorrow. Bye for now!

Emma 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Saturday 31st January – Weekly Update

    1. Yes, I finished Percy Jackson, and the first book of Heroes of Olympus! I really enjoyed the first of his other series – it’s similar but isn’t too linked to Percy Jackson, so feels like a series in its own right, rather than a continuation. It’s written better too. Percy Jackson keeps on getting better and better if you ask me, and I think the best is saved until last, so you’re in for a treat!


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