Monday 26th January – (A Very Late) Weekly Update

Sorry all! I seem to be making a habit of taking prolonged (well, for me) internet breaks at the moment! I was never going to be going mad this weekend because of my mock exams, however I have a pretty bad cold, so I’ve been pretty much incapable of doing anything bar coughing and sleeping.

I have actually only finished two books (well, one book and a short companion guide) since last time. I completed ‘The Lost Hero’ by Rick Riordan (which WILL have a review of finished eventually) and ‘Percy Jackson: The Demigod Files’, also by Rick Riordan (which I will review in my ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ series wrap-up I’ve been promising for over a week and have started in my drafts). I am no further through Scott Westerfeld’s ‘Uglies‘, as it turns out the moment you enter the second part, it becomes a bore-fest of the protagonist wandering the wilderness alone. It isn’t enjoyable. So, I have read the first chapter of ‘Falling Kingdoms’ by Morgan Rhodes, and I have to say that it was very, very good, and ‘Uglies’ may be shoved on the back-burner for now.

So there’s not much to say really. I got my ‘Book of Ivy’ review up, so if you’re interested, go and have a look. I’ve managed to add some clear menus to this site, so hopefully it is more user-friendly now! Also, I mentioned in my last Top 5 Wednesday post that I wouldn’t be participating in this week’s, so I may have another countdown thrown in, but the speed I’m doing things right now, don’t hold your horses!

Thanks for the patience guys! I’ll be back to regular posting soon, I promise.

Emma 🙂

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