Give Me A Helping Hand on YouTube!

Hi All!

My best friend and I are intending to start a BookTube channel (a YouTube channel where we talk about books, if you do not know, but I’m sure you do!). Now, we have literally just created the page and are far off posting any videos, but we need to drum up some subscribers ASAP. YouTube now have it so that you can only customise your URL or find yourself on the search easily if you have 500 subscribers. My best friend and myself obviously are not yet in a position to get many subscribers as we are literally just starting, but it does confuse us as to how you can gain subscribers if you cannot be found easily. It is for this reason that I am calling out to all of you lovely guys who read my blog to visit our channel, snapeisourprince, here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvd88ouo8LYNAAocJAJViAA) so that we can gain some subscribers before we start putting out regular videos. Yes, it looks very bare at this current moment, but we are getting it up and running in the next few days, and there will be a functional channel soon!

We would appreciate any response, and I really do love that you guys even read these posts, let alone would consider checking out our channel, so if you do, thank you very much!

Emma (and Georgie) 🙂

Twitter – @emmathereader

Tumblr – www.snapeisourprince.tumblr.com

Goodreads – www.goodreads.com/snapeisourprince


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