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‘Into the Still Blue’ by Veronica Rossi

Worlds kept them apart.

Destiny brought them together.

4.75 Stars (Rounded to 5)

I’ve finished a series already! In a year where I want to focus on completing some of those series that I have left unfinished, I wanted the first trilogy I complete in 2015 to be the ‘Under the Never Sky’ trilogy by Veronica Rossi, and I have to say that whilst I am glad to have it done, I am very sad to leave this world behind. While I wasn’t completely convinced by ‘Under the Never Sky’ (the 4 stars I gave it were probably rather generous), I absolutely adored ‘Through the Ever Night’, and the third and final instalment did not disappoint either.

As ‘Into the Still Blue’ is book three, it’s probably worth making giving a little synopsis of the first book, for anyone reading this who has not started this series. ‘Under the Never Sky’ is about a girl, Aria, who has always lived in Reverie, a city encased inside a dome to protect the citizens from the wasteland outside. When her mother goes missing outside of the dome, she knows that she must face life outside of Reverie if she wants to understand what happened. There she meets an outsider called Perry, who is also searching for a missing loved one. They must look to overcome their prejudices of one another and help find the two people who mean the most to them.

The rest of this review will contain information from the first two books in the series (although I will not put spoilers for the third book in without warning), so if you have not read the earlier books and do not want to be spoiled, I’d recommend not reading on with this review.

At the beginning of this book, Aria and Perry were back at the cave where the Tides are staying. Cinder is missing, taken by Hess and Sable, who want to risk his life in their quest to reach the Still Blue. Perry, Aria and the others must get him back, whilst facing the ticking clock of the worsening Aether storms. I was very fond of the route the story took. I didn’t expect it after ‘Through the Ever Night’, but then again I wasn’t sure where the story was headed at the end of that book. *Spoiler* The book really grabbed my attention from when Aria, Perry, Roar and Soren found themselves captured on Hess and Sable’s hover. It was really interesting to read about, and the characters did not spend forever moaning about their capture like I thought they might. There was also little pointing the blame, which I appreciated *Spoiler Ends*.

I have loved the characters the whole way through the series; I think that Aria, Roar and Perry are part of what makes this series so enjoyable. Aria was her usual self – a little bit blind to anything which isn’t Perry, but ultimately able to stand up by herself. Her friendship with Roar continued to be brilliant to read about – I love reading about a male-female friendship such as this where there is comfortable joking and teasing but no chance of romance. On the topic of friendships, that brings us to Perry and Roar. Their friendship in this book is a lot more fraught than it has been before, which devastated me. It was incredibly hard to read about the pair being so tense and angry with each other. There were times when I felt incredibly angry with Roar, which I never thought I would do, but that was all forgiven when he actually talks about his feelings, as it is so heart-wrenching that you cannot help but feel upset for him. My favourite scene of the book was probably when the pair finally talked to each other properly about how they felt. Where the other characters are concerned, Soren grew on me a lot in this one, as did Brooke. I only wish that Talon and Cinder had a little more time in this one, as I am fond of them both.

*Spoilers in this paragraph* I was very excited with the story of Aria’s father. I was very interested to find out a bit more about her outsider history, and when Loran came into the equation, I was so intrigued. I liked Loran as a character, I was excited to see that he had popped up in ‘Through the Ever Night’ yet his importance hadn’t been obvious, and I think that he was a good fit to be Aria’s father (I was half expecting someone awful like Sable!). The relationship between the pair was obviously rather tense, but I thought that their discussion about her mother and how they met was lovely, and I am very fond of the fact that it brought them closer. I’m glad that the book left it with a hint that Aria and Loran were starting to develop their father-daughter relationship.

While I loved the majority of this book, and I was satisfied with it as a conclusion, I had minor issues with the end. The book undeniably picked up pace at the end, with events happening a lot quicker than I was expecting them to. The climax of the book felt a tiny bit too rushed to me, and I just thought that the concepts at the end of the book could have been drawn out a little longer than they were. My main issue was with how open the end was. There were a lot of loose ends, and I had maybe one too many questions. *Spoilers* I really wanted to know what happened to Cinder. I get that he had to die really, but the fact that we get no information about how he died other than that he went down with the hover did disappoint me a bit. I just thought that he was a brilliant character who probably deserved a better end. We also know very little about how Sable’s death changed things, and there is not much on how the Still Blue changed things for the tribe. An extra 30 pages would have been nice, I suppose *Spoilers End*.

Overall, I think that this ending would satisfy most fans of the series. It certainly satisfied me. The only real problem for me was that I felt the end could have done with a bit more closure. Saying that, it was a near perfect final instalment for this series, and I would recommend the series to YA sci-fi and dystopian lovers.


2 thoughts on “‘Into the Still Blue’ by Veronica Rossi

  1. Yes, you finished the series! So glad you really enjoyed it. I agree that the ending may have been a little open-ended, but the book was so good that I didn’t really have a problem with it. I thought Into the Still Blue had a great mix of action and characters. Congrats on finishing your first series of 2015!

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