Saturday 3rd January – Weekly Update

Hi all!

Firstly, I hope you all had a fab New Year’s Day. Here’s to a new start, and may 2015 be a good year (on the topic of ‘Good Years’, I will undeniably have to suffer the ‘did you have a Good Year?’ jokes as a consequence of my surname a billion times, and have to face it as if I have never heard it before).

I’ve been on top of things and got everything December/2014-related posted already, so I can completely focus on the year to come rather than dwelling on the past. I have already finished my first book of 2015, ‘Doll Bones’ by Holly Black, I have reviewed it already, and I have outlined my TBR for the month, which I can hopefully follow more than the December one!

I have added a new page, which is admittedly more for me than anyone reading this page. I have added a Quotes Gallery, where I will be listing some favourite quotes from books I have read, authors I like or generally literature-related lines. If you have any suggestions, pop over to the page and leave your favourite quotes in the comments box!

I’m interested to know what your reading goals and challenges are for 2015. How many books do you want to read? Do you have any specific targets? Leave a comment below so that we can discuss our intentions for 2015.

That’s all for now. Have a fab week.

Emma 🙂

Twitter – @emmathereader

Tumblr – www.snapeisourprince.tumblr.com

Goodreads – www.goodreads.com/snapeisourprince


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