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The 105 Challenge for 2015

I thought I had all of my reading challenges for 2015 planned out, that is until I stumbled across a challenge that both Tower of Tomes and Otakutwins are intending on doing next year (originated by ReadWriteLove28) – The 105 Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to read 12 of 1 kind of book + 11 of another kind + 10 of a further kind until you have read 105 books (12+11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1). Seeing as my Goodreads reading challenge is 120 anyway and I want to try to diversify my reading a bit more, I thought that this was completely doable and would be rather useful for reading a host of different books on my shelf which I want to have finished by this time next year. I have chosen my 12 categories to read a large range of books, and to aid all of my other challenges for the year, such as the ‘Finish That Series’ challenge.

1. Re-read

I want to re-read a book which I love this year, as I very rarely re-read anything apart from ‘Harry Potter’.

2. Cecelia Ahern Books

I have recently fallen in love with Cecelia Ahern’s writing, so I would like to read some more of her books this year.

3. Fairytale Retellings

I have loved most of the retellings I have read, but I have read very few indeed. I would like to try some more.

4. Non-Fiction Books

I have a collection of non-fiction books on many topics from art to motor-racing, and I would like to get some more read.

5. Classics

I have read few classics, and as these will be essential come the time when I apply for a Literature university course, I need to read some more of them.

6. Crime/Mystery Books

I adore Agatha Christie books, and while I would like to read some more of her work, I would like to try some similar books by other authors too.

7. Children’s Books

There are many books that I feel I should have read when I was younger, and just did not read, so I would like to get some more children’s books completed.

8. Faerie Books

As the book which I am writing contains faeries, I would like to read a greater collection of faerie books so that I can gain a greater understanding of my chosen genre.

9. Adult Fantasy Books

Fantasy is my favourite genre, and I would like to read a few more adult fantasies this year.

10. Young Adult Contemporaries

I tend to dislike YA contemporaries, and so I keep my distance, but that means that there are so many popular ones out there that I have not tried.

11. TBR Jar Picks

I really need to begin clearing my TBR, as it is far too big. Reading numerous TBR jar picks will help do so.

12. Sequels

My primary challenge this year beyond my Goodreads challenge is the ‘Finish That Series’ challenge, and as I rarely get past book one of a series, I want to remedy that and read further into series this year.

I’m assuming that books can only count towards one category, otherwise the total would not be 105. I think that I can achieve this challenge, and so fingers crossed that I can meet the amount required to satisfy all 12 of my selected topics.

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