Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hi All!

I would first of all like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL (or if you are not Christian or do not celebrate Christmas, then happy Hanukkah or whichever other holiday you are celebrating around now). I hope you all have a brilliant day and spend it overindulging on roast dinner, mince pies and Christmas pudding!

I would like to thank everyone who has viewed my blog at any point in the last year (or six months really). I’m still learning what I am doing on here, and the fact that there are actually people out there who read this makes me smile. You’re all fantastic, and I hope that across the next year, my audience will continue increasing. Please remember to drop me a comment any time, as any kind of feedback I can get from you guys is completely beneficial, and I really enjoy chatting with you all. I’m hoping to make next year even bigger and better, with more reviews and fresh ideas. So thank you very much for making my blogging worthwhile (otherwise I would just be sat here typing to myself, which is a rather depressing thought).

Thanks once again, and enjoy your holidays!

Emma 🙂

Twitter – @emmathereader

Tumblr – www.snapeisourprince.tumblr.com

Goodreads – www.goodreads.com/snapeisourprince


One thought on “Merry Christmas Everyone!

  1. Merry Christmas to you as well! I enjoy reading your blog 🙂 and look forward to future posts! Have a wonderful Christmas.


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