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The 105 Challenge for 2015

I thought I had all of my reading challenges for 2015 planned out, that is until I stumbled across a challenge that both Tower of Tomes and Otakutwins are intending on doing next year (originated by ReadWriteLove28) – The 105 Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to read 12 of 1 kind of book… Continue reading The 105 Challenge for 2015

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My December 2014 Wrap-Up

One thing I have never done before is a monthly wrap-up. I conclude each of my weeks with a small update, but I am yet to bunch all of the month’s reads together in a big wrap-up. Ideally, I would start this in the New Year, but if I can do it now, why not?… Continue reading My December 2014 Wrap-Up

Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday – Top Books I Read This Year

This is the hardest Top 5 Wednesday category I’ve had to do, hence why I am sat here writing it on Monday so that I have time to change my mind! 2014 was the year where I really got back into reading, having not read regularly since I was in primary school. Therefore, this year,… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday – Top Books I Read This Year

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‘Talon’ by Julie Kagawa

“There are a dozen soldiers hiding in that maze,” my trainer said. “All hunting you. All looking at you. Welcome to phase two of your training, hatchling.” 2.75 stars (Rounded to 3) There is nothing worse than hotly anticipating a new book from an author whose previous work you have liked, only to discover that… Continue reading ‘Talon’ by Julie Kagawa

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My Most Anticipated Books of 2015

It’s nearly the New Year, and it’s about time we turned our attention to what will be happening next year. There’s (obviously) going to be a lot more book releases over the course of the next year, and there are some releases that interest me more than others. Here is a list of the books… Continue reading My Most Anticipated Books of 2015